Philosophy of the Tang Soo Do Masters Alliance

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Thank you for your interest in learning more about the Tang Soo Do Masters Alliance and the Korean Terms used in classes and other traditional forums. This page is constantly under construction, so please visit often.


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We get many questions about why certain things are in the image, we hope the following will explain.

The Eagle represents strength and liberty. The five original founders of the alliance had the strength to create this new organization, in hopes of making a better way for their students.

The Master Belt that the eagle is clutching represents the founding Masters and the strength of the Eagle binding them together.

The American flag and Korean Flags are crossed to signify East meeting West and the unifying of the two cultures through the martial arts.

As we always say, notice that there is no apostrophe in the word "Masters". The masters of this alliance built this with their students, for their students and though they control its direction, they perceive no ownership of the organization.

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The Student Creed


I must develop myself in a positive manner, and avoid anything that could reduce my mental growth or physical health.

I must develop self discipline in order to bring out the best in myself and others.

I must use common sense before self defense and never be abusive or offensive.

This is a Black Belt School, we are dedicated, we are motivated, we are on a quest to be our best.

Tang Soo!

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The Five Codes

  • Be loyal to one’s country

  • Be obedient to parents and elders

  • Honor friendship

  • Never retreat in battle

  • In fighting choose with sense and honor

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The Seven Tenets

  • Integrity

  • Concentration

  • Perseverance

  • Respect and Obedience

  • Self Control

  • Humility

  • Indomitable Spirit

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Eight Key Concepts

  • Courage: Yong Ki

  • Concentration: Chung Shin Tong Il

  • Endurance: In Neh

  • Honesty: Chung Jik

  • Humility: Kyum Son

  • Control of Power: Him Cho Chung

  • Tension and Relaxation: Shin Chook

  • Speed Control: Wan Gup


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