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Thank you for your interest in learning more about the Tang Soo Do Masters Alliance and the Korean Terms used in classes and other traditional forums. This page is constantly under construction, so please visit often.


Terms of Address


Gup Members

Student    Je Ja 
Color Belt Holder    Yu Gup Ja
10th White    Sip Gup  
9th Orange    Ku Gup             
8th Blue    Pal Gup
7th Blue    Chil Gup
6th Green    Yuk Gup
5th Green    Oeh Gup
4th Green    Sa Gup
3rd Red    Sam Gup
2nd Rec    Ee Gup
1st Gup    Sho Gup


Dan Holders

Apprentice    Sho dan bo 
Black Belt holder    Yu dan ja  
1st degree black    Sho dan    
 2nd degree black    Ee dan  
3rd degree black    Sam dan 
4th dan black    Sa dan
5th dan black    Oeh dan
 6th degree black    Yuk dan
7th degree black    Chil dan
8th degree black    Pal dan


Senior Members / Instructors

2nd dan Black Belt Instructor    Kyo sa nim 
Master Instructor    Sa bom nim
Grandmaster    Kwang chang nim 
Examiner    Shim sa nim
Senior member    Sun bae
Senior dan member    Ko dan jae 



Thank You    Ko map sum ni da
Thank you for your help    Chomane yo


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Common Commands


Ready Stance    Choong be
Attention    Cha ryut
Bow    Kyung yet
Return    Ba Ro
At ease    Shio
Turn    Tora
Yell    Ki Hap
Sit    Ahn jo
Stand    E ru sut
Pain    Ah Po
Block    Mahk Ki
Hand Techniques    Soo Ki
Foot Techniques    Jok Ki
Forms   Hyungs
Attack   Koong kyuck
Sparring   Dae Ryun
1 step sparring   Il soo sik dae ryun
step sparring   Sam soo sik dae ryun
Free sparring   Ja yu dae ryun
Non contact sparring   Chil sae dae ryun
Stick sparring   Bong dae ryun
Self defense   Ho sin sul
Breaking   Kyuck pa
Uniform   Do bahk
Belt   Dee
Training hall   Do Jang
Way of the China Hand 

 Tang Soo do


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 Soo or Soohn

Fist    Chu mok
Arm    Pahl
Elbow    Pahl koop
Foot    Bahl
Leg    Da ri
Knee    Moo roope
Waist    Hur ri
Chin    Tuck
Eye    Noon
Forehand    I ma
Low abdomen    Dan jun
Groin    Ko hwan


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Counting and Numbering





One hana First Il
Two Tul Second E
Three Set Third Sam
Four Net Fourth Sa
Five Tasot Fifth Oeh
Six Yosot Sixth Yuk
Seven Ilgop Seventh Chil
Eight Yodol Eighth Pahl
Nine Ahop Ninth Ku
Ten Yol Tenth Sip


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Forms / Hyungs




First Basic Form  

 Ki Cho Hyung Il Bu

Second Basic Form  

 Ki Cho Hyung E Bu

Third Basic Form  

 Ki Cho Hyung Sam Bu

Peace and Confidence One  

 Pyung Ahn Cho Dan

Second of the Seven Stars forms  

 Chil Sung E Lo

Peace and Confidence Two  

 Pyung Ahn E Dan

Peace and Confidence Three  

 Pyung Ahn Sam Dan

Peace and Confidence Four  

 Pyung Ahn Sa Dan

Peace and Confidence Five  

 Pyung Ahn Oeh Dan

First of the Seven Stars Forms  

 Chilsung Il Lo

Tearing down the tower (fortress)  


First Stance of Iron or Iron Horse  

 Naihanchi Sho Dan

Second Stance of Iron  

 Naihanchi E Dan

Third Stance of Iron Form  

 Naihanchi Sam Dan

Third of the Seven Stars Forms  

 Chil Sung Sam Lo

Crane Standing on a Rock  


Ten Hands  

 Sip soo

Crane standing on rock/Breaking Form  

 Lo Hai

Fifth of the Seven Stars  

 Chil Sung Oeh Lo

Eagle form  

 Kong San Koon

Small Bird  

 Wang Shu
   Sha San

Goat/Temple in China 

   So Rim Jang Kwon

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