Winchester Karate Club

Classes meet Wednesday nights at The Pearson School 

 2 Wetmore Ave, Winsted


email: Mr. Jeffrey T Negron




Winchester Tang Soo Do

2009 Grading

Winchester Tang Soo Do Black Belts

to the best Tang Soo Do club in Winsted! We provide quality Martial Arts instructions to all ages from 5 to 105. We teach in a positive family friendly atmosphere.

Martial Arts is a great great fun for kids and a great source of exercise for adults. Martial Arts helps all students improve their self-confidence. Improved self-confidence will help to get better grades in school, better performance at work.

Learn Kicks, Punches, Self Defense, Joint Locking Techniques and have fun!Develop Focus, Concentration, Respect for Self and Others. Acquire Self Confidence, Control, Fitness and more.

"Become the person you want to be!"


Winsted Recreation Department sponsors Tang Soo Do Wednesday nights at Pearson School in Winsted.


6:00 - 7 p.m.


7:00 - 8:00 p.m.


8:00 - 9:00 p.m.


Join Anytime!Parents are encouraged to enroll with their children. Special incentives are available.Call Winsted Recreation Dept. @ 860-379-8670 for more information.



Instructor Jeff NegronHead Instructor and Director:  Jeff Negron achieved the rank of Cho Dan Black Belt in May of 2008. Jeff and his two children have been studying Tang Soo Do at the Winsted club since 2002. Jeff chose to join Tang Soo Do after an industrial accident to help with healing and flexibility. In addition to being a member of Winsted Tang Soo Do Jeff has attended classes at other TSDMA schools. Jeff has also been a regular at the TSDMA interclub tournaments where he has placed first in forms, sparing and has also won Grand Champion of his division. On his way to Black Belt Jeff was able to learn from many of the Masters and other Black Belts from the Masters Alliance. This learning has enhanced Jeff’s journey and has enabled him to share what he has learned with his students in Winsted. Besides Tang Soo Do, Jeff has also studied Kung Fu, Boxing, Jeet Kun Do, and Kajukido. Jeff’s other hobbies include camping, all types of fishing, cars and football.


Assisted by:

Michael SchindewolfCho Dan Black Belt Michael Schindewolf

Students of the Year

Students of the Year 2015
for their efforts and achievements in 2014

Little Dragon: Cason Hyatt
Beginner: Damon Lee
Junior: Scott Richardson
Adult: Aaron Benham

Students of the Year 2011
for their efforts and achievements in 2010

Youth - Stephanie Nonamaker
Jr. Student - Minh Pham
Adult Student: Evelyn LaGace


Students of the Year 2010
for their efforts and achievements in 2009

Youth - Vera Bourque
Jr. Student - Kassidy Baker
Jr. Student -Stephanie Rice
Adult - Aaron Benham


Students of the Year 2009
for their efforts and achievements in 2008

Jr. Student - Jacob Wayne
Jr. Student - Nathan Benham
Adult - Steven MacDonald


Students of the Year 2008
for their efforts and achievements in 2007

Little Junior Student = Austin Stoeke
Junior Student = Jeffrey Thomas Negron
Adult Student = Brian Wayne


Students of the Year 2007

for their efforts and achievements in 2006

Youth = Alex Bunker Davis
Junior = Anna Sypniewski
Adult = Michael Schindewolf



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