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Thomaston Karate Club


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Master Ken Laliberte
TSDMA #004

Master Ken directs the Thomaston Club. He is an accomplished martial artist, having visited the former Soviet Union in 1990 on a U.S. Team and he held many competition titles in his day.

The Thomaston karate club is one of our most active clubs, they compete regularly and the directors hold many extracurricular activities for their members (camping, rollerskating, parties etc... )

Master Ken was promoted to 5th dan on Saturday, August 3rd, 2002 by the TSDMA masters, and invited masters in attendance.

On Monday, September 30 2002, Master David L. Sgro also promoted him to 5th dan in the San Kil Tang Soo Do organization.

He is one of the cofounders of this organization the T.S.D.M.A.


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