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Master Howard Daniel
TSDMA #001


Master Daniels has been a martial artist for 25 years. He started our Bunker Hill Karate Club more than fifteen years ago. He has passed that club's direction over to Ed Drapatin, its current director.


Master Daniels has trained many of our top black belts as well as enjoyed great successes in his tournament career having been ranked 5th in New England in 1991.


This was also the year he made the rank of 4th dan. His club in Beacon Falls will be announcing its first session starting in May, 2002. 


Master Daniels was promoted to 5th dan on Saturday, August 3rd, 2002 by the TSDMA masters, and invited masters in attendance.


He is one of the cofounders of this organization the T.S.D.M.A.


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